Background Investigations / Pre-employment Screening

Background Checks or Investigations are crucial, in today’s society. There are several instances in which one may need to look into the past of an individual, or individuals. Your needs may be as simple as a basic background check, because you are an employer attempting to hire a trustworthy employee. You may be the owner of rental property and wish to ensure that your soon-to-be tenant is not a serial vandal, or one who simply does not like to pay his or her bills. Public records are out there and can be a valuable resource in assisting you in finding the right person. A background check may be the one thing that saves you from hiring an abusive babysitter, or accepting that first date with a con artist. It may also be the one thing that points you to the perfect nanny, who has only the best reviews from past employers and families. It may be just the evidence, you need, that you have found “Mr. Right”, after learning of his passion to assist children in need. If you are in need of a Background Investigation or Pre-employment Screening, contact us today.

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