Criminal Investigations


Criminal Defense Investigations in Stanislaus County is now a reason to contact Brad Alan Investigations.  We also conduct these investigations in San Joaquin, Alameda, Merced, and Sacramento Counties.

Private investigators are often retained by defense attorneys and/or public defenders to conduct criminal investigations. Although our men and women in law enforcement do a fine job in serving the public, there are many instances when the proper evidence was not obtained, after the commission of a crime. This may be due to lack of witnesses at the scene, human error, or the evidence simply was not there, at the time. And, let’s face it, some people will just plain refuse to speak to the police. Private Investigators, conducting Criminal Investigations, can be a valuable asset in finding the true facts, involving a crime that has been committed, or the lack there of. Whether we as investigators are retained by the prosecution or the defense, we are always searching for the truth, so that the client can best be served. If you are in need of a quality criminal investigation, contact us today.

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