Insurance Fraud



Insurance fraud investigations are becoming more of a necessity in today’s society, with a rapidly growing number of fraudulent claims.  Fraudulent claims are a key factor in our rising insurance premiums.   Some would even say that many claimants attempting to defraud the insurance companies are able to justify it, to themselves, and feel that it is socially acceptable.  Research shows that the most common form of insurance fraud is the exaggeration of an injury.  Private investigators can be retained to conduct surveillance, investigate scenes, and obtain statements from witnesses and claimants, to investigate these claims.

Insurance fraud can be classified in two ways:  Hard fraud and soft fraud.  Hard fraud occurs when an event or accident is planned, in order to file an insurance claim.  Examples would be staging and auto accident or auto theft, or setting fire to a home.  Soft fraud is more of an opportunistic type of fraud.  An example of this would be the exaggeration of loss, damage, or an injury.

If you suspect a fraudulent insurance claim has been made, contact us today.  Types of insurance fraud include:

Auto Insurance Fraud

Family Medical and Leave Act Fraud

Homeowners Insurance Fraud

Workers’ Compensation Fraud

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